Cheshire Ethiopia vacancy announcement

Cheshire Ethiopia is an Ethiopian Resident Charity and invites qualified applicants for the following post፡

1:Project Officer

Employment type:Full time

Job Summary:

The Project Officer is accountable to CBID manager, he/she is responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of CBID, Economic Empowerment/livelihood support for families of children with disabilities project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Create smooth working grounds for CBID in realizing the objectives of CE.
Support the team in conducting need-based families of children with disabilities economic vulnerability assessment,
Organize and provide capacity building training for partners and beneficiaries,
Follows up the smooth running of CE’s model inclusive kindergarten
Facilitate the development linkage with microenterprises for the establishment of economic strengthening groups,
Work closely with Program and Plan team at Head Office in the organization and coordination of different activities,
Lead/Contribute to design new proposals in line with the organizational strategic plan,
Ensure and maintain CE working rules and procedures across all,
Participate in cluster working groups and meetings,
Promote the development of a holistic strategy by creating linkages within sectors working in economic empowerment of persons with disabilities,
Ensure tracking, monitoring, and quality periodic project report compiled and submitted to next level,
Support the CBID team in strengthening monitoring and follow up mechanism are maintained in the project area,
Facilitate and support the regular joint project progress review maintained the project woreda,
Prepares budget and annual plan of operation for the Project
Support CBID workers to collect necessary informations related to the project need and other important data,
Support knowledge management and learning efforts by producing periodic project monitoring reports, best practices, case stories and challenges,
Lead/Support field assessments.
Manage CBID workers and supervisor as per CE human resource administration manual,
Support the program staff in the development of detail budget follow up activities,
Ensure and validate expenses are valid as per the CE financial procedure for the project,
Compile monthly/quarterly annual budget summary report as the required format in consultation with finance team at the CE Head office,
Work Unit: CBID

Immmediate Supervisior: CBID manager

Salary: 14206 and after provision period the living cost adjustment 40% of the salary will be added

Benefit: 15000 for medical expense per year and 500 birr per month for transportation

Req Number:1

Place of work: Harar Cheshire Ethiopia

skill and educational background

BA degree in sociology, or Social work or, Public Health or Project Management or Related fields

Experience: 5 years in project work experience

  Application way

Interested applicants can submit their CV and relevant documents Harar CBID Center or through [email protected] within 7 working days from the date of advertisement.

Deadline: Jan 5, 2024

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