Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues

Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues invites qualified applicants for the following jobs.

Candidates who have a diploma from a college or technical college should submit COC certificate and candidates who have a bachelor’s degree or diploma also must submit a diploma and work experience starting with a diploma.

You must have a written statement from your employer stating that you do not have a problem.

Ministry of Revenue New Job Vacancies:

✔ Professions: Accounting, Accounting and finance, Banking and Finance, Cooperative Accounting and Auditing, Economics, Business management, Management, Finance and Development Economics, Public finance, Cooperative Accounting, Public financial management, Accounting and public finance, Accounting information system, Tax administration management, Tax Administration, Business management, Database, Computer Science, Customer Support, Information Technology, ICT, Hardware and Networking and other related fields.

Please see the below images for Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue

Deadline: Dec 23, 2023
How to Apply:
Interested applicants are invited to submit their non returnable application, CV and copies of relevant credentials to Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue High Tax Payers Office located infront of Kadisco, Buna Bord Melge Building .

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