Ministry of Finance Vacancy announcement


Advanced degree MSc/MA/BA degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, natural sciences, or related field
Work Experience:8 years for MA and 10 years for BA with relevant experience for the vacant position. Minimum of 7 years of full-time relevant professional experience in Environmental Management Sector.
Salary:Negotiable based on the Government’s Salary Harmonization manual
The duties and responsibilities

Objective of the assignment

The Environmental Risk Management (ERM) Specialist is required to provide technical assistance and support to the 3R-4-CACE implementing entities (with the updating/preparation and implementation of ESRM instruments to contribute to the attainment of the 3R-4-CACE objective.

Specific Tasks

To attain the objectives of the assignment, the ERM Specialist will support the management of environmental risk and impacts of the Project activities through undertaking the following specific tasks.

Review relevant documentation and literature related to the project so as to ensure that the appropriate plans and environmental and social risk management (ESRM) instruments will be prepared (through consultative process), implemented, and monitored to contribute to the achievement of the project objective.
Ensure that key activities of the Project comprising technical assistance (TA) (including updating/preparation of environmental and social risk management instruments stated in the ESCP: SEP, ESMF, and LMP), institutional capacity building and implementation support will be undertaken pursuant to terms of references (ToRs) acceptable to the World Bank and duly incorporate and take into consideration the objectives & principles of the WB ESSs in order to ensure that activities and outputs are consistent with the World Bank ESF and satisfactory to the Bank.
Provide technical support and advice to the three implementing agencies through assessing the environmental risks and impacts of the Project throughout the project life cycle. This assessment is very useful to ensure that the environmental impacts and risks are identified, avoided, minimized, reduced, or mitigated (as per the WB ESF and ESSs and GoE’s requirements; and Project’s ESRM instruments (such as, ESMPs, SEP, LMP).
Support consultants hired for the preparation of environmental and social risk management instruments (including ESMF, SEP, to deliver the stated instruments timely as per the agreed
Ensure that draft ESF instruments prepared/updated by consultants will be presented on consultative meetings/workshops with relevant stakeholders to ensure acceptance of the instruments, including the incorporation of comments provided by stakeholders.
Provide advice on administrative measures and actions required for ensuring compliance with requirements set regarding environmental issues and measures prior to the validation and implementation of the project activities.
Ensure the environmental risks and impacts associated with implementation of the project activities are addressed starting from an early stage as per the WB ESF and GoE’s environmental policy and legal frameworks requirements; and ensure that proper communications related to environmental risks and impacts management across the project implementing entities and other stakeholders are maintained throughout the project cycle as
To ensure that the ESF instruments prepared for the project are implemented and monitored in compliance with the WB ESF/ESSs, the GoE’s polices and legal frameworks.
Engage in preparation, organizing and delivering capacity building training activities in relation to the implementation of the ESRM instruments targeting the implementation agencies (of the project and other relevant stakeholders.
Analyse the need for additional capacity building for the involved institutions and actors and design/update a training plan for the implementing agencies and implement it accordingly.
Participate in relevant environmental (and social) technical


The main deliverables required from the Environmental Risk Management (ERM) Specialist include, among others: (a) a concise environmental risk management work plan as per the ToR;

a succinct regular ERM implementation progress report as per the work plan; (c) environmental risk management training and awareness materials prepared along with training/awareness plan, and training/awareness reports based on the training/awareness delivered to the 3R-4-CACE implementing entities and other stakeholders; (d) support and
Feedback provided on draft deliverables of individual consultants/firms hired for ESRM instruments preparation; (e) periodic environmental performance monitoring report of the project; and (f) draft mission agendas, discussion notes, presentations.


The Environmental Risk Management Specialist will be recruited initially for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of extension based on performance.

Required qualifications, and skills requirements for (ERM) Specialist

Track-record of assessing, managing, and monitoring project-level environmental (and social) risks and impacts, as well as managing implementation of related safeguards, policies guidelines and frameworks, in relation to development projects of a similar scale and technical nature, and prior experience in WB funded projects would be preferred.
Familiarity with the WB Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) considered as a distinct advantage.
Experience working with a wide range of stakeholders including NGOs, private sector, international organizations, development partners and/or with the government.
A strong sense of partnership and ability to work independently with limited
Ability to establish priorities, coordinate, and monitor own work
Strong oral and written communication skills, including report writing and presentation skills
Experience on emergency
Duty station Addis Ababa , Ministry of Finance (MoF)


Advanced degree (MSc or PhD) degree in Sociology, Social Anthropology, social work, and other related fields
Work Experience:Minimum of 7 years of full-time relevant professional experience in Social Development Sector.
Salary:Negotiable based on the Government’s Salary Harmonization manual


Intrested applicants should submit their Non-retanable application, curriculum vitae (CV), Education, Experience and all credentials Documents together with their origional documents within 10/Ten/ consecuantive working days from the first day of announcement

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Channel One Programs Coordinating Department (COPCD)

Sidist Kilo, MOF main Building 6th, floor, Room, no.604

Applicant’s send their require documents by

Email address [email protected], Addis Ababa

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