Hambra Business Group vacancy announcement

Hambra Business Group would like to invite qualified and competent applicants to apply for the following vacant Post.

1.Sales Supervisor

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Management, Business Management and related fields
  • Experience: 4 years and above
    Quantity: 2

Salary: Negotiable salary + commission

2: Cashier

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with Finance and Accounting
  • Experience: One year or more

Quantity: 2

3: Accountant

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance and Accounting
  • Experience: Two years or more

Quantity: 2

 4: Human Resource Management

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Management, Leadership and related fields
  • Experience: Two years or more
    Quantity: 1

5.Sales Person

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management, Civil Engineering or related fields
  • Experience: Zero years and above

Quantity: 6

Salary: Negotiable salary + commission

 6.Marketing Manager

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management or related fields

Experience: Five years and above

Quantity: 1
Salary: Negotiable salary + commission
Deadline: December 22, 2023

  Application way

Intersted applicants who fulfill the minimum qualifications and work experience shall be apply in person at Bethel Square, Third Floor, Human Resources Department, or  email address, or by telegram, Hambra business group
Gmail: [email protected] from the date of publication of this announcement, from 03/04/2016 to 12/04/2016, along with the original educational certificate and a non-returnable photocopy.

For more information
Phone number 0944307337/
Hambra Business Group

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