Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Vacancy announcement

Huawei Technologies Ethiopia would like to invite qualified and competent applicants to apply for the following post.

Huawei Technologies Ethiopia PLC:

Huawei is a leading global provider of commercial telecom networks that ranks No.2 among the global telecom suppliers, and currently serves 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom operators by the end of January 2012. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, we respond quickly to customers’ needs with a comprehensive, customized set of offerings. Huawei’s products and solutions are deployed in over 140 countries, supporting the communications needs of one-third of the world’s population and strive to meet the Company’s vision “Enrich life through Communication”

Huawei Technologies Ethiopia engaged in the entire network construction of Ethio-Telecom including. GSM, CDMA, Fixed Network, in order to provide better services to Ethiopia Telecom and contribute more to the success of GTP. Therefore we would like to invite qualified and competent applicant to work with us on the following positions:

1. Senior Account Manager

Location:Addis Ababa

Required No:5

Standard Responsibilities:

Undertake market operations for clients, develop relationships with mid- and high-level customers, take the lead in building a partner ecosystem that matches customers, take the lead in planning and organizing regional-level branding activities, serve as the primary owner of regional-level projects, and take responsibility for order and revenue goals.

Requirements for professional knowledge:
1. Master the basic knowledge of the communications industry and understand the development and trend of the communications industry.

2. Understand the ICT domain sales process. Possess certain knowledge accumulation in enterprise business-related domains.

3. Have experience at least 8 years in developing enterprise businesses, including but not limited to large enterprises, education, finance, digital government, transportation, and security.

Service skill requirements:
Be good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, conflicts, problem-solving skills and successful experience; Have project operation capabilities, partnership understanding and building capabilities, and transaction management capabilities. Be able to participate in project negotiations, successfully handle customers’ special requirements and disagreements, and promote successful project implementation.

2. Vehicle Specialist

Location:Addis Ababa

Required No:4

Vehicle Management:
Monitor the existing vehicles usage & service improvement (work to deliver improved service to users with dispatcher and EHS team)
Check the existing and the new received vehicles are as per contract
Register in Vehicle systsem for new received and released vehicles
Monthly prepare a Vehicle general report which include (Service rating, online OBD statistics, Mr. Car Order statistics, utilization report).
Weekly Prepare a driver Behavior analysis report take necessary action for improvement
Payment Management: –
Collect monthly report from the agent each month before 2
Prepare a Vehicle acceptance report which include, (Vehicle rent, Prado management, Prado fuel, Dispatchers Bonus )
Prepare a cost allocation for each project users as per their project code & confirm with Finance CFO
Follow up the payment end to end
SLA: – Payment should finish and submit in the system for approval before 10 each month.
As per the admin department :
1- Please note that the listed responsibilities are subject to change and may be augmented or modified as the needs of the department evolve. The successful candidate should be adaptable and open to taking on additional responsibilities as require and

or even later rotation of Job with in the section as necessary might be arranged with new responsibilities.

Required Skills

Data analysis
Data visualization & pattern-finding through critical thinking
Microsoft Office Pack: Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Powerpoint
Data entry
Big Data tools
Desired Skills:
Data analysis
Microsoft Office Pack: Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Powerpoint
Big Data tools
Data collection and Analysis

Application way

Interested applicants who can meet the above minimum requirements can submit their application, CVs and non-returnable Documents of their credentials in through via online link of this announcement. through ethiojobs

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