Jenboro Real estate-For Fresh Graduates

Jenboro Real estate would like to invite qualified and competent applicants to apply for the following vacant post.


Location: Addis Ababa

Skill and educational background

Bachelor Degree in any field of study.
Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills.
Proactive individual.
Working Computer Knowledge and skill.
Skilled in negotiation techniques.
Patient and cool-tempered, especially when dealing with aggressive or dissatisfied customers.

A Telemarketing Agent is responsible for:-

Cold Calling and Lead Generation

Initiate outbound calls to prospective clients using provided phone directories.
Use scripts to introduce real estate products, services, or investment opportunities.
Obtain essential customer information, including names, addresses, and specific requirements.
Customer Interaction

Answer incoming calls from potential customers.
Provide detailed information about property features, pricing, and benefits.
Ask relevant questions to understand the customer’s preferences and requirements.
Sales Persuasion:

Persuade customers to consider real estate options by demonstrating how properties or services meet their needs.
Highlight unique selling points, such as location, amenities, investment potential, or rental income.
Data Management:

Accurately record customer details and interactions in a computer system or CRM software.
Maintain organized records of calls, leads, and sales.
Customer Service and Complaint Handling:

Address customer inquiries, concerns, or doubts professionally.
Safeguard the company’s reputation by handling complaints effectively.
Sales Quota Achievement:

Strive to meet or exceed sales targets.
Go the extra mile to facilitate future sales and maintain client relationships.

Collaborate with other teams to optimize strategies.

Provide customer-focused feedback to enhance telemarketing approaches.

Application way

Interested applicants can apply through online link:

Deadline: June 27, 2024

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