JSI Ethiopia Vacancy announcement

JSI would like to invite qualified and competent applicants to apply for the following vacant Post.

1:Site Renovation Engineer

Job Summary:

The Site Renovation Engineer , under the guidance and technical support of the Facility Renovation Engineer, the Site Engineer is principally responsible for follow up of timely execution of renovation activities in the area office.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Conduct the site assessment work at design stage.
Participate in preparation and review of design documents.
Conduct work inspection as per the specification and design drawings and perform the Quality Assurance inspection for each section of work before the contractor proceeds to the next activity.
Ensures that the contractor’s materials and installation methods are submitted as per the specification and got approval.
Ensures that quality of workmanship is as per the specification and all prevailing technical guidelines.
Confirms contractor’s quality test methods and procedures are as per the specification and design drawings.
Inspects contractor’s material fabrication process in workshops and on site and ensures delivery of only approved materials before installation.
Follow the construction progress, identify any delays and propose possible solutions at early stages.
Ensures the contractors adherence to health and safety requirements.
Ensures that environmental mitigation measures are in conformance with the specification, manuals and local requirements.
Inspect and record construction defects and follow their correction.
Conduct weekly site meetings with the contractor staff.
Review contractor’s submittals, clarification requests and payment invoice.
Prepare weekly and monthly construction progress reports.
Conducts final inspection of the works and identify punch list items.
Coordinates between the regional health bureau infrastructure department and local administration to support the construction contractor.
Perform other duties as assigned
Place of work:Mekelle

Skill and educational background

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Technology and Management.
At least three years of experience in a similar position
Adequate knowledge of engineering, technology, building, construction, and design
Strong time management and project management skills
Active listening and verbal communication skills
Dedication to learning new concepts and strategies
Prior experience in UASID Funded projects is an advantage
Knowledge of local language is an advantage.

   Application way

Interested applicants who met the minimum requirements should send and apply at Ethiojobs.net. please submit your application letter with your CV in English detailing your experience and skills that are relevant to the post.

Please do not attach copies of your transcripts, academic degrees or recommendation letters with the application. You will provide them upon request.

Deadline: Jan 10, 2024

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