Coca Cola Vacancy

1: Production Team Leader

Skills, Experience & Education:
First Degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in manufacturing environment

The position is structured to report to the respective Unit Manager and will manage process artisan, casual workers and others. The incumbent is responsible to lead the SBU in the execution of the production plan, ensuring that product meets all quality specifications, asset care through autonomous maintenance tasks and the resolution of production problems.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

Coach team members in the correct execution of their tasks (operational and technical).

2. To drive WCM initiatives on own shift

• Communicates work practice deployment plans and ensures team buy-in.

3. Operating and Process Control

• Ensuring that team members understand and adhere to the operational, quality and process standards, work instructions and maintenance schedules, work practice deployment plans and performance target.

4. Maintenance of Plant and Equipment

• Check that the team members, carry out required autonomous maintenance tasks and any required running repairs on shift in accordance with work instructions and maintenance schedules.

5. Quality Control and Analysis

• Ensure that the team members understand and adhere to quality standards

6. Communication

• Communicate team goals and regularly review to ensure team alignment

7. Problem solving

• Coach and support team members in using the correct problem-solving techniques (such as 5Why, quick fix, OPL’s etc.) to solve situational problems.

8. Continuous Improvement

• Ensure that SIC mechanisms are in place to track and monitor waste (e.g. mass balance)

Location: Sebeta

2: Quality Controller

Skills, Experience & Education:
First Degree in Chemistry/Chemical/Food Engineering/Environmental Science or related field of studies with a minimum of 2 years relevant experience in manufacturing environment.

The incumbent will report directly to the respective Production team leader and will be responsible to monitor the quality control environment and conduct tests and analysis to control and ensure compliance to quality requirements of products, processes and packaging across the Supply Chain.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Monitor and Analyze Package Quality

2. Monitor and Analyze Process and Product Quality

3. Ensure compliance with Business Systems (including SC Ways, Internal Quality and Food Safety systems as well as Coca-Cola requirements)

4. Maintain Safety, Health and Environmental Standards

5.Support the establishment of continuous improvement programs for Quality Process Capability

Location: Sebeta

Closing Date: 2023/11/2022

  Application way

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