Embassy of Brazil Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement

Embassy of Brazil would like to invite qualified and competent applicants to apply for the following vacant post.

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ስራዎችን በቴሌግራም ለመከታተል ይህንን ይጫኑ

1:Administrative Assistant

Location:Addis Ababa

Salary:ETB 36.720,00

Job Description



The Selection Committee, appointed by the Head of the Embassy – Ambassador of Brazil in Addis Ababa – Jandyr Ferreira dos Santos, in the exercise of his competence, makes public that registrations for a selection process will be open to fill 1 vacancy for the position of Administrative Assistant, at the Brazilian Embassy in Addis Ababa.

1.1. The selection process will be governed by this announcement, in accordance with current Brazilian legislation.


2.1. This offer intends to hire one Administrative Assistant to provide support to the Embassy’s Chancery and Residence. The job consists of assisting in daily office needs and managing general administrative activities; such as organizing meetings and preparing visits of Brazilian authorities; performing general clerical duties, including but not limited to photocopying, faxing, mail distribution and filing; developing and classifying official papers and routines; elaborating and maintaining records of requested researches; creating and modifying documents using mainly editing applications, worksheets and data banks; advanced use of internet (“browser” operations, “FTP”, file transfer, remote access to information sources, etc.); writing specialized texts in English (official documents and reports); preparing synthesis and interpretation of documents; translating and elaborating versions in English or Amharic to official documents, according to the Embassy needs; preparing and managing documents for tenders and selection processes; speaking to foreign authorities, external public and service providers;

2.2. Notwithstanding the above, the contractor may be, occasionally, required to perform different duties from those described.

2.3. The Administrative Assistant will carry out his/her duties at the Brazilian Embassy in Addis Ababa, as designated by the Brazilian Ambassador or a representative authorized by him.


3.1. The starting salary will be ETB 36.720,00 gross, on which the social security and tax deductions required by local law will apply.

3.2. The Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa will pay the mandatory social security contributions due by the employer under the terms of local legislation and will make the corresponding tax and social security discounts provided for in Ethiopian law.


4.1. This selection process does not constitute a public tender, and the job of Administrative Assistant does not characterize a public office or public function.

4.2. Labor relations are governed by the labor laws of Ethiopia.

4.3. The position is of a permanent nature with a probation period of 3 months.

4.4. The Administrative Assistant selected must work a maximum of 48 weekly hours [or the maximum workload allowed by local law] and, exceptionally, may be called for shifts or work in situations of unavoidable service needs or even emergencies.

4.4.1. The contract terms will define working hours, compensations, time off, overtime and holidays.

4.5. The labor and social security relations corresponding to the position of Administrative Assistant at the Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa will be governed by the laws of Ethiopia, exclusively generating the obligations and rights provided therein.

4.6. The employment contract will enter into force as soon as the registration process is fulfilled with headquarters in Brasília.


5.1. The selection process will consist of the following phases:

i. Curriculum analysis

ii. Written test in English (to be held on October 23rd, for candidates approved in the curriculum analysis)

iii. Interview (to be held on October 25th, for candidates approved in the curriculum analysis and language test)

5.2. In the curriculum analysis phase, the Selection Committee reserves itself the right, based on the documentation presented, to reject the application of the candidate whose qualifications are deemed not compatible with the job offered.

5.3. The final general grade of the candidate, for classification purposes, will be the sum of the scores of the mandatory and the desirable requirements of this announcement.


6.1. The final result of the selection process will be published by October 31st, 2023 and made available on the website of the Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa.

6.2. The selection process is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the publication of the result. During this period, the approved candidates may be called, respecting the ranking order, if new vacancies arise in the same job category, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

6.3. After the announcement of the results, the candidate classified in 1st place will be called by the Selection Committee to present him/herself, within a maximum period of 5 calendar days.


7.1. The hiring of the candidate classified in 1st place for the initial probationary period of three months, or definitive hiring will be effective as soon as the formalities are completed and the necessary documentation for admission is presented.

7.2. In case of withdrawal or non-compliance with the deadline stipulated in item 8.3, counted from the call date, the candidate will be considered eliminated from the selection process, and another candidate will be called to fill the vacancy, respecting the ranking order.


8.1. The application for registration implies knowledge and acceptance, by the candidate, of all deadlines and norms established by this announcement. Any candidate who makes a false or inaccurate statement, or who does not meet the conditions required in this announcement, may be disqualified at any time.

8.2. Omissions will be decided by the Selection Committee.

Skills Competencies & Educational background

The candidate must:

Be over 18 years of age;
Have a high school degree;
Have oral and written fluency in English and Amharic;
Desired additional skills and competencies:

University degree in economics, accounting, management or related fields;
Knowledge in Financial Planning and Fiscal Management/Accounting;
Basic knowledge, oral and written, in Portuguese;
Familiarity with text editing programs, preparation of spreadsheets and sending/receiving e-mails and internet tools; and
Certificate of experience provided by previous employer.

Application Way


Those interested in applying must forward the required documentation in accordance with this announcement to the Selection Committee, from October 4th to 18th, 2023, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM by presenting certified physical copies, at the following address:

Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa

KEBELE 2 BOLE Sub-City, House nr. 2830

1250 – Addis Ababa

Or, for those willing to register on-line, send digital copies of the required documentation to the e-mail of the Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa from October 4th to 18th, 2023 (eob):

[email protected]

There will be no communication with the candidate during the application phase;

Only the candidates selected in this selection process will be contacted by a representative of this Embassy;

Registration for the selection process is free;

When applying, the candidate must submit the following documentation, in original version or certified physical copies thereof:

i. application form

ii. detailed curriculum vitae and certificate of experience provided by previous employer;

iii. copy of identity document (identity card);

iv. certificate of completion of high school education;

v. proof of discharge with the country’s electoral obligations [if necessary];

vi. at least, one recommendation letter of a previous employer;

vii. if Brazilian or of third country nationality, proof of regular residence status and legal permission to carry out paid activity in Ethiopia.

viii. if Brazilian, also present:

a) statement that you are aware that the job you are applying for is not to be confused with a public job or function governed by the Brazilian legal system;

b) electoral discharge certificate;

c) statement that you are not an active public servant and that you do not receive remuneration from the Brazilian government (contained in the application form); and

d) if male, document proving regularity with the Brazilian military service.

Documents submitted after the deadline or incomplete will be disregarded. Only candidates who present all the documentation requested in item 6.6 will be considered eligible.

The Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Addis Ababa will not sponsor any visa for this job. If the candidate is not an Ethiopian citizen, he must already have a visa that allows him to work in the country full time.

Application Deadline: Oct 18, 2023

Keep in touch and follow us on our social media channels to receive the most recent updates regarding available opportunities. Facebook
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Our mission is to help people get jobs. We work towards improving the recruitment journey through daily job posts. We create a collaborative workplace that strives to create the best experience for job seekers

ስራዎችን በቴሌግራም ለመከታተል ይህንን ይጫኑ

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